Track ID #08


1. Red Man Calypso (Whitesquare Remix) – Kalyma [SOLIDE]

2. Turbulent Times (M. Caporale Remix) - Dele Sosimi [MoBlack Records]

3. I Dont Understand (Original Mix) - Risk Assessment [No Fuss Records]

4. Relief (ANDHIM Remix) - Sinisa Tamamovic [Yoshitoshi Recordings]

5. Crash The Box (Tee Mango Revision) - Mang Dynasty [Alfresco Disco]

6. Fly Out feat. Gregers (James Curd Dub) – Vhyce [Future Disco]

7. Keep it Going (Angelo Ferreri Remix) - The Knowledge [Guesthouse Music]

8. Feel My Truth (DJ Spen, Manoo, GJs & Reelsoul Dub of Truth) - Groove Junkies, Reelsoul, Manoo, DJ Spen [Quantize Recordings]

9. Coconut Kingdom (Al Lindrum Remix) – Timboletti [Lichtenhain]

10. Got Me Trippin (Original Mix) - George Privatti, Guille Placencia [Superfett Records]

11. Give It To Me (Dale Howard Remix) - Reza, Pagano, Sweet Female Attitude [KISM Recordings]

12. Dance Dance Dance (Original Mix) - Massimo Lippoli [Basica Recordings]

13. La Tradicion (Original Mix) – Afrokillerz [Aluku Records]

14. Midnight Thing (Original Mix) - The SyntheTigers [Moulton Music]